TS Meagan Nutwood

Meagan Nutwood started her career as a sex worker in her teens. She quickly thrived in the adult industry as she was the only black top-only-transsexual in Canada that could compete with the best on the market at the time. All the other transsexual sex workers claimed to be hung and fully functional yet failed to deliver. Meagan saw that as an opportunity to prove she had not only the meat but the massive load to satisfy the fantasies of men who wished to experience submission to a hung Goddess. She made short solo clips of her stroking herself and cumming to prove she’s not all talk. Those videos ended up going viral, putting her on the map of transsexual adult performers.

In her early 20s, Meagan decided to move to LA to pursue her music career while doing sex work on the side. Legendary American director and former porn actor Joey Silvera noticed her Backpage ad. He made multiple offers to her (some of which were way above the standard pay for a solo shoot) as he really wanted to produce her content to make her the next “TS Vanity”; However, Meagan turned down his offers but did invite him over to her hotel room to at least meet the legend in person.

Instead, she focused on making her career in the mainstream entertainment industry happen. She didn’t want to gain fame through porn. Little did she know, many worldwide already knew who she was for her beauty and massive loads. Back then, it was very ambitious to try and break mainstream as a transsexual artist. Society wasn’t ready yet, which created roadblocks, so Meagan had to reevaluate her goals. She didn’t realize how successful her adult work had become since she always treated it like a side hustle. However, by her late 20s, she concluded that she very much enjoys sex work and her unusual sexual interests filled a void in an otherwise saturated market. That significantly contributed to her current success as an adult content creator, standing out by doing what she genuinely enjoys instead of what is expected.

Fun Fact: Many guys ask Meagan how she got into the whole puking thing. Meagan has always had a thing for sloppy head. It’s always been her favourite thing to watch in porn; to see a guy sucking dick while drooling from the corners of his mouth and slobbering spit dripping off of his chin. This eventually led to her fascination with throatfucking. She found throatfucking content yielded messier blowjobs. Of course, this created an insatiable desire to throatfuck men.

One Christmas evening while living in West Hollywood, California, she hooked up with an Italian guy. She spent practically the whole day and night with him destroying his throat. In the first hour of play, she laid back on the bed while he lay by her side. Her hands gripped the back of his head as she tried to bore a hole through his skull with her cock. He choked, he gagged, and then he puked. He immediately got up, embarrassed and apologizing and about to clean up, and she sat there amazed at what just happened and told him, “No, stay where you are and do it again; that felt so good.” He was surprised and a bit confused and said, are you sure? that doesn’t gross you out? “No, it felt so warm and wet,” she replied. She went at it with him some more, and it didn’t happen again. They decided to go out for drinks at a bar, then went back to his place and tried again, but it didn’t happen this time either.

A few months later, Meagan moved back to Toronto, and she couldn’t go back to her old sexual habits. If anyone wanted to taste her cock and her cum, they had to endure the violation of their comfort. She wanted spit, drool and puke. She got it, but it wasn’t as sexy as she anticipated, mainly because the first few times she experimented with this fetish, the guys just had their dinner. Hence, the sensory aspect of it was quite unpleasant.

Upon watching more porn and finding videos of guys puking on dick, she realized that what she found sexy was when it was just liquid. Either clear or white, it had to look relatively similar to spit and cum. No chunks allowed. That inspired her ThroatBully Diet rule for men who wished to offer their throats to her. “No eating for at least 8 hours before getting your throat fucked. Only clear or light-coloured fluids are allowed during those 8 hours, strongly recommends coconut milk” and viola, she found the formula for the perfect throatfucking experience.

The irony, though, is that Meagan used to have a phobia of people throwing up. It would cause significant anxiety, and any time someone threw up at a party from being drunk, she would freak out and go home! But somehow, she was able to turn her phobia into her fetish, and now here we are.